About Me

Giulio Saggin
I was born travelling...to Australian parents doing the 60s thing through Europe (I entered the world in Italy in 1968) and spent most of my early years living in tents and flats throughout Europe. We all moved back to Australia (Brisbane) in 1974.
I spent my formative years in Brisbane and studied photography at the Qld College of Art in 1987-88 before landing a photographic cadetship on the Canberra Times in 1989. I moved back to Brisbane in 1990 (The SUN) and began freelancing in 1991.
In 1992 I, along with two others, headed for Scotland in search of work and spent the next five-and-a-half years working as a freelance news photographer in Edinburgh.
I left Scotland in 1998 and hitchhiked all the way around Australia photographing everyone who gave me a lift and writing about each hitch. Upon completion I returned to Brisbane and self-published the book of my journey, ...so I did, in 1999.*
I continue to work in the media and, in 2011, self-published Deep Fried Pizza, a novel about the world of tabloid photography (both books, and my other photographic work, are on the Other Works page).
Another project of mine is Resurfacr, the website where you can upload predictions and be reminded where their outcomes are due. In case you're wondering why...there's nothing better than reading a prediction with the benefit of hindsight! It's also a good way of seeing which (so-called) experts know their 'stuff', as well as keeping (some) public figures accountable. It's not all serious - there are plenty of fun predictions as well :)

*I also speak about my hitchhiking journey and my profile, with testimonials, can be seen HERE.

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I live in Brisbane and spend all my spare time planning my next travel adventure (or blogging, writing, Tweeting and Facebook-ing about it).

I hope to see you out there at some point - bon voyage!


Email me - TravelWithGiulio@gmail.com