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My latest book "You, The Citizen Photographer: Telling Visual Stories" is a whole new slant on photography. It teaches you to think about taking photos from a new perspective.
The book shows how photos - visual stories - are constructed in the same way as written stories. It translates photos into a 'language' that is more readily understood.
I use these techniques in every photo I take, including all the photos taken in this blog. Visual stories, no matter the subject, are far more interesting than a picture that merely shows something.
Many times when I look on social media I cringe at what I see and think, 'If only they knew ...'.
Now is their (your?) chance to 'know'.

Resurfacr is the website where you can upload predictions and be reminded where their outcomes are due. Why? Because there's nothing better than reading a prediction with the benefit of hindsight!
Resurfacr is also a good way of seeing which (so-called) experts know their 'stuff', as well as keeping (some) public figures accountable. It's not all serious - there are plenty of fun predictions as well :)
You can also rate predictions and comment on them, and read the Resurfacr blog. I did
In 1998 I packed up my life in Scotland and hitchhiked all the way around Australia photographing everyone who gave me a lift and writing about each hitch. The book of my journey, I did, can be seen HERE (available as an ebook and in soft cover form).

I speak about my hitchhiking journey and my profile, with testimonials, can be seen HERE.

Deep Fried Pizza
A novel about the world of news photography, can be seen HERE (available in ebook and soft cover form...comes with a language alert!).

Reader review - The writing is funny and has an authentic, down-to-earth voice. I thoroughly enjoyed Deep Fried Pizza. It gave me a window into another world. The book's excellent writing had me laughing out loud at some of the strange situations...I recommend the book to anyone.



My panoramas of urban and industrial scenes that focus on the overlooked, subconscious sense of design and symmetry existing in the everyday world can be seen HERE.

If you like my style of writing and photos, have a look at these photo-stories I've written in my role as photo editor with ABC News Online in Brisbane, Australia. None of these have anything to do with travel and, in particular, cruising, but you might enjoy the read -

Wild dog hunter, Don Sallway (some people might find certain photos upsetting)