Cruise blogs I like...

The Cruisey Life by Louise Goldsbury, editor of Cruise Weekly.

The Ocean Escape by Shon 'Cruise Man 3000' Ford (if you like to cruise and party, Shon's your man!).

Cruise Currents by Mike Faust (Mike might be a 'youngun' but he loves cruising and knows his stuff).

Travel Shop Girl by Marian Krueger - 'Travel musings by a girl who loves to write and travel the world'.

Cruise Buzz by Carrie Finlay-Bajak - "I write and create content about cruising and places near the sea."

The Lido Deck (Cruise Critic) - There aren't too many cruisers and haven't heard of Cruise Critic.

Cruise Radio (it's a blog...kind of)

Cruise Mates - Cruise Travel Guide and Community.

Expert Cruiser

Royal Caribbean

Holland America


James Lopez said...

Nice post with great pictures and great blog links... I too love cruising! Thanks for the share...

Travel with us! said...

Hi James,

Sorry for the late reply and we're glad you like the blog. Thanks for your kind words!


Giulio & Nat

Vickie Cruises said...

I hope you can check out my blog too. I mainly focus on Princess Cruises and cruise tips/info. Here is the blog address check it out