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TouristPads: rent an 'app-ed' up iPad in Singapore

TouristPads is an iPad rental service with over 70 apps to help you find your way around Singapore.

TouristPads will deliver, for free, to your chosen location - hotel or Changi Airport. Renting one costs US$24 a day, which drops to $16 a day for the third day onwards. As well as the TouristPad, you receive a charger, cable and Apple iPad Smart Case.

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The TouristPad.

The apps on the TouristPad are great, especially if you haven't been to, or haven't done much research about Singapore before you arrive. Things like the food apps are great if you have no idea where to go and you don't want to hang out in the food court of the shopping mall that will invariably be close to your hotel.

Dinner anyone?

Another thing that's good about the TouristPad is the internet access. Many international visitors to Singapore travel with their own iPad but internet costs are very high if you are on an international roaming plan. The $24/day - dropping to $16/day from the third day onward - is a good price to pay for internet access 24/7 (negating having to pay for hotel internet). It helped that the internet connection was smooth and fast no matter where we ventured in the city.

If you're a guide book user, then you might find the TouristPad as a travel guide is far more interesting, reliable and better than any guide book that eventually becomes outdated (sorry Lonely Planet!).

The convenience of having everything at your fingertips (pun intended) is highlighted best when you come across a landmark, or local area, and are  able to instantly Google it to gather more information. Also, when you spot a restaurant that looks good...just a quick Google gave us the phone number and reservations are made. 

At dinner with the TouristPad.

There are apps on the Touristpad that can assist you with booking tours, taxis, restaurants and other tourist type activities. The taxi app only has space for eight digits - no use if you have a mobile phone, especially one that needs an international code. This is where the internet comes in handy you can Google 'Singapore taxis'.

There are very handy local transport apps that give you details of Singapore's very efficient and cheap public transport system. It's just like travelling with your own travel guide!

There are over 70 Singapore-related apps, all with a tourist angle.

Although Singapore is an easy city to navigate around, having access to maps is very handy. The TouristPad uses the Apple Map app that comes with every iPad and, while it doesn't live up to Google Maps, it is still good to have.

One of the other most used apps is Photos. Not to confuse things, this is found in the Photos folder. Having taken photos using the camera (also in the Photos folder), the Photos app is great for uploading to Facebook and Twitter, so everyone at home was able to follow your journey. Singapore is highly visual so sharing the scenery with those at home was a delight.

Thank you if you have read this far and we hope this post has been a help for you. If you do use a TouristPad and get to meet Joshua, please say hello. He is delightful to deal with. Once again, the TouristPads website.

If this has whetted your appetite for Singapore, you may like to read the post on Singapore.

Bon Voyage!


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John Harlow said...

Sounds great especially as it cost about $30 for a guide book and nobody can afford data roaming. Have to give it a go next time in Singapore.

Travel with us! said...

We found it really handy and thoroughly recommend giving it a try.