Friday, November 07, 2014

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At the start of 2011 I vowed I would never go on a cruise in my life.

Cutting a long story short, in late September of that year I went on my first - Radiance of the Seas. By the time I disembarked 17 nights later, I was hooked. In fact, I was hooked within hours of walking onboard. Cruise ships, I discovered, are adventure playgrounds for adults.

Some of you can probably relate to this story. In fact, I know many of you will relate to this story!

Before I cruised that first time I wanted to know things like 'what TV stations are there onboard' but couldn't find anywhere online that told me what I wanted to know? Also, being a photographer, I wasn't all that impressed with the photos I saw - they were either too small or not very good, or both. I couldn't understand why this was the case, as cruise ships are so visual and photogenic.

At some point before or during that first cruise (I can't remember which), I decided to write a blog with all the info that answered the questions I had asked before the cruise...and LOTS of photos - good photos.

(Radiance of the Seas about to leave Moorea, above, and moored at Bora Bora, below and bottom)

Now, just over three years later, I've been on seven cruises, done several 'walk-arounds' on cruise ships, made a lot of industry contacts and have a broad knowledge of cruises and cruising.

I've also written reviews of all the cruise ships I've been on - reviews considered by many to be the most indepth (best, even) cruise reviews on the internet - for the blog, Travel With Us.

Travel With Us is now Travel With Giulio and, along with the name change, I have a new Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account, which I'd love for you to Like and Follow -

Travel With Giulio on Facebook.

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Travel With Giulio on Instagram.

I'll be posting and tweeting cruise news, information, photos, videos, reviews and more on these as often as possible. However, I won't post any old thing, preferring the 'less is more' approach to social media.

Thank you if you've read this far.

Enjoy following Travel With Giulio...

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If you like the photography in my blogs, it's because I am a professional photographer. My photos don't merely show something, they tell a story. And visual stories i.e. photos, are more interesting than pictures that merely show something. 

If you'd like to know how to turn your images into visual stories, I've published a book that takes a whole new slant on photography and 'translates' the art of taking photos into a language we all understand.

To read more about my book and see some of its 100+ visual examples, please click HERE.

***I use all the tips and hints from my book in every photo I take, including those in Travel With Giulio.

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All photos and text by Giulio Saggin
© Use of photos/text must be via written permission

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