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Quantum of the Seas...a sneak peek inside cruising's new wonder ship!

Quantum of the Seas is the smartest cruise ship to ever set sail and she offers more in the way of innovation than any cruise ship before her. She is the wunderkind of world cruising right now.

I'm yet to venture anywhere near this spectacular ship but Royal Caribbean have kindly supplied many images of Quantum of the Seas so you can all get a sneak preview.

Royal Caribbean have done a great job presenting Quantum of the Seas, with lots of videos about the various areas of the ship, some restaurants included, as well as pages for each restaurant with menu examples and other relevant information - all of which I've linked to in this post.

Enough of the chit-chat. I'll let the images and the captions can do the talking!

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Above photo: Quantum of the Seas arrives into New York Harbour, New York City, for the first time.

(All images - Royal Caribbean International, except otherwise stated)

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Let's have a quick look around the ship first...

The Royal Esplanade 

Artwork in the Royal Esplanade 

The Royal Esplanade 

NORTH STAR is a capsule with floor-to-ceiling windows that ascends to over 90 metres (300 feet) above sea level. Take in the 360° views (feel free to insert the word 'breathtaking') of the sea during your time in this innovation you won't find on any other cruise ship.

Once you've checked out the sights in North Star, you can...

Hang ten in the Flow Rider.
Or, if you've been distracted by those two people in the background suspended in mid air,
then this might be for you... 

RipCord by iFLY...otherwise known as the first ever sky-diving simulator at sea!

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus?
Then get in some practise at the circus school in Seaplex, the largest indoor active space at sea, where you can also...

Play basketball

Table tennis

Roller skate


Play demolition derby in the dodgem (bumper) cars?! 

Quantum’ of the Seas’ connectivity makes it possible for one of the SeaPods in SeaPlex
to become a live global video gaming suite where guests can enjoy Xbox Live
and compete with other gamers worldwide.

Watch the RCI video on SeaPlex...HERE.

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Tonnage: 167,800
Length: 347.1 m (1,139 ft)
49.5 m (162 ft) (max)
41.4 m (136 ft) (waterline)
Draught: 8.8 m (29 ft)
Decks: 18 (16 passenger-accessible)
Speed: 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph)
4,180 passengers (double occupancy)
4,905 passengers (maximum occupancy)

Four-stroke turbocharged marine diesel engines:
Two Wärtsilä 12V46F @14,400kW ea.
Two Wärtsilä 16V46F @19,200kW ea.
(67.2MW total engine power output)
Two 20.5 MW (27,500 hp) ABB Azipod XO thrusters
Four 3,500 kW (4,694 hp) bow thrusters

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Let's talk about your stateroom or, even better, your suite options!

I'll start at the top with the suites on offer...







(with split bathroom)


Family Connected Junior suite with three different stateroom categories that connect to form a layout
with separate bedrooms and bathrooms for all.


Family Suite that offers two bedrooms and separate baths for all.





For more information on staterooms and suites, see HERE.


Quantum of the Seas boasts 18 dining options, so you're never likely to go wanting. You can choose between five complimentary, full-service main restaurants, three new restaurants headed by award-winning chefs, and much more, from upscale to casual to everything in-between.

If you're not a stickler for keeping time on a cruise (who wants to keep track of time on a cruise), Quantum of the Seas is introducing 'Dynamic Dining', where there are no set dinner times and no required formal nights.

Below are some of your dining options - complimentary and otherwise, in no particular order - so let's tuck in the napkin and have a look (restaurant websites after each set of images)...

THE GRANDE (complimentary)

Roasted Scallops with Black Truffle

Chicken a L’Orange

Molten Chocolate Cake

Visit The Grande HERE.

WINDJAMMER (buffet - complimentary)

Visit Windjammer HERE.

SILK (complimentary)

Vietnamese Tacos

Visit Silk restaurant HERE.

WONDERLAND (Chef, Cornelius Gallagher - dining fee)

Smoked Sriracha Eggs

 Baby Vegetables in the Garden

Nitrogen Chocolate

Visit Wonderland HERE.

See the Royal Caribbean video about Wonderland HERE.

JAMIE'S ITALIAN (Chef, Jamie Oliver - dining fee)

 Sardine Bruschetta

 Jamie’s Antipasti Planks

Visit Jamie's Italian HERE.

See Royal Caribbean's video about Jamie's Italian HERE.

CHIC (complimentary)

Tomato Tartare 

Milk Chocolate Gelato

Visit Chic HERE.

COASTAL KITCHEN (complimentary for Grand Suite guests and above, and Pinnacle Members)

Coastal Mezze 

Golden Beet Salad 

Farmstand Parfait

Visit Coastal Kitchen HERE.

MICHAEL'S GENUINE PUB (Chef, Michael Schwartz - dining fee)

Greek Farro Salad

Banana Toffee Panini

Visit Michael's Genuine Pub HERE.

See the Royal Caribbean video about Michael's Genuine Pub HERE.

AMERICAN ICON GRILL (complimentary)

Apricot Glazed Pork Chop 

Yankee Franks 

New Orleans “Coffee and Doughnuts”

See American Icon Grill HERE.

DEVINLY DECADENCE AT SOLARIUM BISTRO (Chef, Devin Alexander - complimentary breakfast, dining fee for lunch & dinner)

Chinese Pepper Steak 

The Little Dev

See Devinly Decadence at Solarium Bistro HERE.

IZUMI (Chef, Travis Kamiyama - dining fee)

See Izumi HERE.

JOHNNY ROCKETS (dining fee)

Here are two photos from my Johnny Rockets experience during my Voyager of the Seas cruise...

Shake your tail-feather! The staff dance up a storm every 10 minutes or so.
(Photo by Giulio Saggin)

Standard fare - burger and soda.
(Photo by Giulio Saggin)

See Johnny Rockets HERE.

A full list of dining options can be seen HERE.

Watch Royal Caribbean's YouTube clip of dining on Quantum of the Seas HERE.

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Bionic Bar

As the name suggests, it's all about bionics. See the video of how it works...HERE.

Vintages Wine Bar

See the Royal Caribbean video about Vintages Wine Bar HERE.

Bar below North Star

A full list of beverage packages can be seen HERE.

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Why the name Two70? Because you are offered breathtaking 270-degree views!

Relax and enjoy the view during the day.

When the sun dips below the horizon, the space combines technology and entertainment via the use of robotic video arms, dramatic digital projection and high-flying aerialists and performers.

Six 100-inch Roboscreens stage surprise performances throughout every cruise, 
controlled by robotic arms, the Roboscreens are nimble and able to
create scenes while soaring and twisting.

See a video of Two70...HERE.

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The Pool Deck at dusk 

 The indoor pool

The indoor pool

The rock climbing wall 

The jogging track 

Vitality at Seas Spa 

The Solarium

The Solarium 

The Solarium 

The Gymnasium

The Gymnasium

Mamma Mia in the Royal Theatre 

Mamma Mia in the Royal Theatre 

Casino Royale 

The Music Hall

The Music Hall


Michael Kors 

Body and Beauty 

Prince and Greene


ALL of the above can be read about in the THINGS TO DO ON BOARD section of the Quantum of the Seas website.


A Quantum of the Seas vacation begins at home, where guests can generate boarding
documents online, upload their own ID photo, and receive digital boarding credentials.

Guest Services will be a completely different experience onboard Quantum of the Seas,
as there is no real desk. Roaming Guest Services staff, and guests, will have the ability to
access Royal iQ at one of the eight Royal iQ Stations located at Guest Services.

Quantum of the Seas will offer new RFID WOWband wristbands, which require only a simple tap
to quickly navigate the ship, make onboard purchases, serve as the room key and more.

Royal iQ, available as a downloadable app and provided at freestanding iQ stations around the ship,
allows guests to manage details during the cruise, includes a convenient calendar that provides
at-a-glance views of their programme, and keep in touch with one another and
home via phone and text capabilities.

Guests will be able to track luggage in real time on their smartphones, as it will be tagged
curbside with RFID technology at drop-off, and guests can monitor their bags’
progress en route to the state.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and a big thank you to Royal Caribbean International for supplying such great images, videos and other information so I could show you all this stunning new cruise ship.

The Quantum of the Seas website can be seen HERE.

Bon voyage!


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Text by © Royal Caribbean International & Giulio Saggin
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