Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunset Bar and Grill, Gold Coast

The Sunset Bar and Grill inadvertently came to my rescue.

I was at Marina Mirage to embark on a Gold Coast to Brisbane day cruise and had arrived early to scope out the lay of the land. Part of the plan was to have breakfast at Marina Mirage in case I needed to dash for the boat. I found one place, First Avenue, looked at the menu and went to order, only to be told that the kitchen didn't open until 8am (it was around 7.50am). I was somewhat taken aback...a cafe in a tourist hub not opening its kitchen for breakfast until 8am?! That seemed odd, to say the least. I didn't have time to wait for chef to fire up the cooktop and said so. The woman behind the counter then pointed us in the direction of the Sunset Bar and Grill, which was located very close by.

The Sunset Bar and Grill is very definitely a good, cheap and cheerful breakfast joint. While the surrounds were quite upmarket, it had a 'local' feel to it (I hope they're not offended by these comments - they're meant to be a compliment). I sat down, looked at the menu on the table and within a couple of minutes had ordered eggs benedict (15.90) and a bottled apple juice (they did ask if I wanted squeezed). The food arrived and I got stuck in!

It was fine - this is a good, honest breakfast cafe. I have had better eggs benedict but I'm at an age where I've probably had 'better' everything when it comes to breakfast. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the eggs benedict I had that morning. Like I have said, I wanted food and wanted it quick - and the Sunset Bar and Grill hit all the right buttons.

To quote a famous Aussie - "Do yourself a favour..." (and the ambience and view were quite lovely)

To find the Sunset Bar and Grill, walk into the Marina Mirage shopping precinct and, keeping to the right side of the precinct, the 'pathway' will naturally lead you out to the Sunset Bar and Grill.

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Bon appétit!


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Sunset Bar and Grill
Telephone: 07 5528 2622
View Marina Mirage in a larger map

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