Sunday, February 12, 2012

Travel Expo - find the perfect holiday!

If you're a keen traveller and want to get a whole lot of information from some of the biggest and best names in the travel business, then this could be for you...

In early February 2012 I attended the Travel Expo at the Brisbane Convention Centre. The Expo, which has free entry, is travelling all around the country and there are still many locations where is will be appearing.

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The Brisbane Convention Centre bustling with travels fans!

There are prizes on offer if you make a booking on the day (varies from location to location):

- Qantas International Booking to the Value of $1000
- 160GB Classic IPOD PLUS a Logitech Portable Dock and a $50 Itunes Gift Card
- Nintendo 3DS with Bonus Voucher
- Olympus 14MP Digital Camera
- 1 of 3 Travel Accessory Packs
- MacBook Air
- $1000 Flight Centre Limited Gift Voucher

...and many great discounts and specials on offer even if you book after th expo e.g. on board credit with Royal Caribbean and a double upgrade if you book with Celebrity Cruises (available until the end of February).

Hot deals everywhere!

The expo was well set up and everyone was given a free calico bag for you to put in all the information you will more than likely accumulate.

There were over 80 companies - varying from destination to airlines to cruiselines to tour companies - displaying their wares (changes according to the location) and dozens of 'Expo Experts', visible by their T-shirts on hand to help you with any queries you might have (seriously, they were everywhere!).

One of the army of Expo Experts on offer to help.

Free presentations are on offer and, in a nice piece of innovation, the theatrettes in which they are held are two large, new tour buses from Murrays. The person presenting the lecture stands at the front of the bus, just like a real tour guide, and uses the on board microphone to speak. Because the buses are indoors, the bus' air conditioning can't be used to keep everyone cool, so the front door, double back doors and roof skylights/vents are opened. The lectures last half an hour and, combined with the convention centre air con, it remains quite comfortable (I went to one that was full and it was fine).

Listening to a presentation in the 'theatrette'.

Bon voyage!


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