Friday, February 01, 2013

Gallery of photos from south-west Queesland

A flock of galahs sit on powerlines at dusk in the town of St George.

Here's a small gallery of photos I took while on assignment near Cunnamulla in south-west Queensland in May, 2013. These were taken as part of my 'real' job as photo editor with ABC News Online.

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A tourist photographs two emus as they walk down the street in the town of Bollon.
Pre-dawn light reflects off the ABC helicopter as is sits on the tarmac at Cunnamulla Airport.
The first rays of the sun appear between two layers of cloud as the ABC helicopter makes its way to Widgeegoara station.
Mist settles between some of the trees on Widgeegoara station.
A lone kangaroo hops through scrubland on Widgeegoara station.
The ABC helicopter, with cameraman aboard, slowly moves across a paddock at Widgeegoara station filming
a panning shot of ABC TV reporter Peter Lewis doing a piece to camera.
A line of kangaroos bound across Widgeegoara station as a mob of sheep disappear into the distance.
Kangaroo paw prints left in the mud next to a fenceline after the rains that occurred
preceding our visit to Widgeegoara station.

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I drove to Cunnamulla and took many photos along the way of the various towns and sights I saw along the way, along with some information if you're planning on heading out that way. All this can be seen in the blog post HERE.



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All photos and text by Giulio Saggin.
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